Photo Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance

60 ans

Informations personnelles​ de Courtney B. Vance

Né(e) le: 12.03.1960
Lieu de naissance: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Connu(e) pour: Acting


Poster 12 Angry Men
as Foreman
Poster La femme du pasteur
as Reverend Henry Biggs
Poster L'Ultime souper
as Luke
Poster Pilotes de Choix
as Lt. Glenn
Poster Mesures exceptionnelles
as Marcus Temple
Poster The Divide
as Delvin
Poster La Momie
as Colonel Greenway
Poster The Photograph
as Louis
Poster Sacré mariage
as Cooper
Poster Hamburger Hill
as Spc. Abraham 'Doc' Johnson
Poster Cookie's Fortune
as Otis Tucker
Poster Terminator Genisys
as Miles Dyson
Poster Le prix du silence
as Agent O'Hara
Poster Destination finale 5
as Agent Block
Poster Compte à rebours mortel
as Reverend Jones
Poster L'Île aux chiens
as Narrator (voice)
Poster The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
as Sir Lord Keenan Coefield

Acteur TV

Poster FlashForward
as Stanford Wedeck
Poster NOVA
as Narrator
Poster American Crime Story
as Johnnie Cochran
Poster Graceland
as Sam Campbell
Poster Revenge
as Benjamin Brooks
Poster American Experience
as Narrator (voice)
Poster Lovecraft Country
as Uncle George
Poster 61st Street
as Franklin Roberts
Poster Genius
as C.L. Franklin
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